News: Airport inspectors seize 5 kg of Asian snails from Thai workers

Agriculture inspectors in Israel confiscated 5 kilograms of large Asian snails from two Thai workers entering the country. The snails, which come from the genus Filopaludina commonly found in South Asia and Thailand, were meant for personal consumption. However, these snails can host a nematode that causes meningitis in humans when consumed. This was an unprecedentedly large catch of these types of snails, as the ministry reported only 9 attempts to smuggle them in the past 20 years. The entry of alien species can damage local flora and fauna, and these particular snails could also harm agriculture.

While the snails are commonly eaten in parts of Asia, they can harbor a nematode that leads to meningitis for humans if consumed, posing a health risk. This highlights the importance of agriculture inspections to prevent harmful invasive species and diseases from entering the country.

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