News: "A political price must be exacted from China for its stance against Israel"

Political intellectuals and academics call on the Prime Minister to exact a political price for the Chinese position against Israel. But does Israel have leverage over the Chinese giant?

Ilan Alon, dean of the School of Economics at the College of Management, signed a letter along with other public figures and academics requesting that Israel reduce its relations with China. This was due to China’s anti-Israel policies, support for Iran and Syria, and refusal to condemn the Seven Martyrs killings. Alon believes that Israel’s international and trade policies should be based on how other countries treat Israel as friends or enemies. While Israel maintains ties with China to diversify its risks, it should favor friendly countries over China, which undermines Israeli interests. Alon also notes that China allows propaganda within Israel and access to Israeli institutions, while restricting relations with Ariel University over its West Bank location.

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